Syllabub - the delicious English lemon cream with cream and wine is something between drink and dessert. And has been popular with the English king for more than 500 years.

B in the last purchase you have out of stock and stupidly caught a lovely bottle of white wine - but you really only like the dry version? Or grandma has brought with her visit - with the best of intentions - again her frighteningly sweet Lienglings Riesling? And now the unloved bottle bobbles back and forth between the kitchen and the living room, waiting in vain for someone to take pity on them? This is over now, because I have the perfect summer dessert with lovely wine for you: Syllabub - the English traditional lemon cream with cream and alcohol. So easy and really tasty!

Syllabub has been around in England for at least 500 years. And the mixture of dairy product and alcohol was always very popular especially with the female king. The slightly bizarre designation Syllabub is derived from the name of a French wine region (which was also really popular in England 500 years ago) and the Elizabethan buzzword for bubbly or carbonic acid: Bub. So here we are talking about the It dessert of Five Hundred Shooting Mighty. And that is still a real bang today.

The list of ingredients is surprisingly short: cream, wine, a little protein, lemon and a sip of brandy. Sweetnoses can also be sweetened with honey or sugar if needed. The whole thing is briefly stirred together and either slapped immediately or cold for later. A special effect with Syllabub is the fact that the mass separates again after longer cooling time and so automatically an exciting layer dessert arises: down alcohol, above Schäumchen.

We stand - especially in the summer - totally on the refreshing Lemon cream and therefore always have a well-chilled bottle of sweet wine ready.

What do you say - is this worth trying?

Have it!

Syllabub - the typical English lemon cream with cream and alcohol |

The recipe for syllabub - the traditional English lemon cream with cream and wine

Ingredients for 4-6 servings:

200 ml semi-sweet or sweet white wine
2-3 tablespoons powdered sugar or honey
1 untreated lemon
3 tbsp brandy
300ml whipped cream
3 egg whites

Lemon tart for garnish

Here's how it works:

Beat the egg whites in a fat-free bowl until stiff and cool until the rest is done.

Squeeze out the lemon and finely grate the skin.

Mix wine with lemon juice and peel, powdered sugar or honey and brandy well. Slowly add the cream and beat the mixture with a hand mixer until it thaws (the cream will not be as stiff as cream through the wine). Carefully fold in the whipped egg whites until a homogeneous cream has formed.

Fill the syllabub into portion glasses and if necessary garnish with more lemon zest. Enjoy immediately or refrigerate until consumed.

Syllabub - the typical English lemon cream with cream and alcohol | Syllabub - the typical English lemon cream with cream and alcohol